200 years of doner kebab

Döner kebab history

Meat consisting of barbecue began in the 1800s.

Turkey, Bursa Kastamonu city’s history began in the doner kebab, a variety of meats available with barbecue. It soon spread to the meat of this kind of cooking is in Istanbul, where it won a special flavor known today. (Typical marinating, seasoning)
The first Turkish guest workers (1969) Germany began with the arrival of the European doner kebab spread.

Ottoman era: a doner kebab painting
Doner kebab in a 1850 photograph.

Photo by James Rodbertson made in Istanbul in 1855.
The photo on the left, at the top of the table doner kebab oven, baked wood fired the döner meat.

Döner kebab skewers the 1800s GEBRAŞ was called in Turkish.
Istanbul doner chef (1947)

Musa Dağdeviren’s archives:
A chef Döner (1917)
Yani shop Arsa Ağa (shown in the picture doner chef) Bahçekapı Turkish territory.

Source: DÖNERCI Magazine 56.