Our products are made using only natural ingredients.

Natural flavors

Our products are made of real herbs and spices.


Frozen products keep their freshness for 12 months.


National and international delivery.

GoldenHorn Kft.

The Golden Horn Kft. has been producing and selling Döner Kebab (gyros, as it is more commonly called) ingredients, as well as manufacturing and selling appliances and equipment needed for making gyros for 25 years. The range of our products includes pita, Döner Kebab both in grilled and raw versions, falafel, as well as various special mixtures of spices and sauces. Out of traditional Turkish confectioneries we have Baklava available at Golden Horn Kft. which was the first company to make and sell Baklava in Hungary. Our wide product range embraces all the segments of making Döner, and we complete the sales of our products with several various services; that’s why our company may be considered unique in the Hungarian hospitality market. We complete deliveries all over the country, even to small villages, and our customer service is ready to take the orders of our customers 24 hours a day. Our clientele includes state offices, public institutions, canteens of big companies, various chain restaurants and catering units, as well as snack bars and fast-food restaurants. Our deliveries have extended over the borders of Hungary and reached even the catering units in the neighbouring countries. Our primary flagship product, the pita (the bread of the Middle East) is made with high-performance machines capable of producing 7,500 pieces per hour and in high quality. This product is quite popular with our customers because it may be kept for a long time since it is possible to freeze it, and when it has been ordered, it can be prepared fast and served in an attractive manner. All you have to do is cut its edge and simply fill it to your taste. This feature of the pita is a big advantage in the fast-food market where sandwiches are to be made fast. We sell two kinds of Döner Kebab; they do not differ from each other in taste, as both versions are marinated with the original spices.

For customers who have just started to become familiar with this product line and are not ready to purchase the special gyros grill yet, or if they intend to sell Döner Kebab along with other products, we recommend our ready-made, grilled and cut products, because these can be heated quickly and served immediately. This solution is very economical since no other investment is required. Frozen products take up little room, and they may be stored for a long time. As an alternative, we can deliver the product in raw, marinated and tied seasoned chunks. The minimum quantity for an order is 5 kilos, and additional quantities in increments of five kilos up to 90 kilos. We provide assistance in seasoning and serving dishes with our sauces, which make your job fast, simple and cost-efficient. For those who prefer a vegetarian diet, we offer our vegetarian meatballs called falafel, which can be a good alternative for sandwiches normally made with meat. The Baklava gained its final form and special preparation technique during the Ottoman Empire. We deliver our traditional Turkish confectionary, the various versions of the Baklava, ready-to-serve and sliced. These products do not need any further preparation, they may be served immediately, and they may be stored at room temperature. It is interesting, that although they differ in appearance and quantity in the packaging, they are identical in taste and the manner of their packaging. In order to provide our customers with more perfect service, besides the ingredients, we also sell electric and gas döner grills and accessories for grilling, such as knives, salad tongs, special meat tongs, fittings, and all kinds of products needed for serving as well as advertising devices. Since we are getting more and more popular, our company has seen a significant development in the last few years, we have improved our equipment, and due to the increase in production, we have also broadened our expertise. We have more and more customers from the catering business who are interested in this fashionable special food culture, the Turkish specialities. We do our best to serve such businesses by supplying them with ingredients, equipment and services of the highest possible standard..

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