Cooked, cut, packed Döner meat:

We recommend this product to those of our clients who have no previous experience in preparing Döners, and do not at present intend to purchase equipment and an oven, but would still like to try and sell this product.
Our cooked, cut, and packed meat products are made from the same ingredients as the ready-to-cook raw products, and do not differ from those in either taste or quality. They can be made of chicken, veal, beef, or turkey, using quick freezing technology.

Recommended use:

Our cooked, cut, and packed Döner meat only requires heating!
Suitable for being served at various events, friendly gatherings, or in restaurants, since it can be prepared simply, in just a few minutes.
Döner can be served as a sandwich in pita bread or on a plate with side servings.


Store frozen at -18°C.


Wholesale vacuum pack 1.5 kg per package.

Maximum hygiene and modern technology

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