Vegetarian chickpeas balls:

Falafel is a pre-cooked, quick-frozen chickpeas balls for vegetarians. The history of falafel began in the ancient Egypt, later it also became popular in the countries of the Middle East. Its special spicy flavour has made it very popular all over the world now; this special food plays a role in the dishes of several countries. There are many ways to eat it. As one likes it, it can be offered with vegetables, rice, potato or as a garnish. Several dressings and sauces go well with it (for example; chili, mayonnaise, mustard).


After removing it from the deep-freezer, allow it to thaw at room temperature for a couple of seconds (15-20), and then cook it in a deep-fryer or a frying-pan.
It can be served with vegetables, rice, potato or as a garnish. Recommend with sauces or fresh salads; with yoghurt dressing as a light dinner.


Chickpeas (85%), onion, leek, salt, semolina, breadcrumbs (flour, water, salt, yeast), vegetables, sesame seeds, pasteurised egg whites, parsley, spices, herbs, salt, baking powder (leavening agent: E450, E500, anti-caking agent: calcium carbonate (corn starch)).

Storage temperature:

In a frozen state at a temperature of -18°C.


1 kg bags

vegetáriánus fasírt

Maximum hygiene and modern technology

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