döner szósz
Döner Sauces:

We offer our sauces for the Döner products, which are available as an instant powder. Before use, you should add only water to the instant sauces according to the directions, and you can use them immediately. The instant powder retains its quality for a long time. The Golden sauce is economical, easy and fast to prepare, and offers you the original Döner taste.


The instant powder should be stored in a cool dry place. The mixture should be stored in the fridge. After opening it is important to protect the ingredients from moisture.


2 kg bags


Mix the powder with lukewarm water. A handheld mixer is recommended to avoid lumping.

Choice of sauces:

White Döner Sauce is made from yoghurt and seasoned with garlic and dill. Red Döner Sauce is made with tomatoes and mildly hot seasoning. They may be seasoned with several other ingredients to your taste.

Mix ratio:

The recommended mixing ratio of 1: 11.1 (instant sauce powder / water) from which may be different from your choice and taste. The mixer should be used for mixing.

  • Sauce 250g – 3l water
  • Sauce 500g – 5,5l of water
  • 1000g sauce – 11l of water

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