döner fűszer
The Spice Flavor Is indispensable To Döner

The seasoning required to making Döner (Gyros) is essentially a mix of different spices. The Resta Spice (Gyros) spice mix also guarantees the special taste and colour of the Döner meat.

To get the genuine Döner taste, add the Resta Spice mix to the marinade and let it stand in the refrigerator for half a day. No other flavouring is needed. Due to the Resta Spice mix, while roasting the meat has a special, pleasant aroma.

Resta Spice (Gyros) spice mix: A mix of several special spices (for fowl, veal, or beef).
The Resta Döner (Gyros) spice mix gives the meat a special colour.

Recommended preparation:

Add a half tablespoon of spice mix per 1 kg meat to the marinade. This quantity may be varied optionally.


2 kg bags

döner fűszer

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