Ready-to-cook döner kebab


Quick-frozen Döner (Gyros) meat, which is made of chicken, veal, beef or turkey, is soaked in special spices.




Cooked, cut, packed, quick frozen Döner meat. Wholesale, vacuum-packed packages.


Resta box


Cooked, cut, packed, quick frozen Döner meat.
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What’s the difference between shawarma, gyros and döner?

Shawarma (Arabic: امرواش , Hebrew: המראווש) also spelled chawarma, shwarma, shawerma, or shoarma, from the Turkish word çevirme (turning), which is another name used for döner kebab, is a Middle Eastern-style sandwich usually composed of shaved chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. Shawarma is a popular dish across the Middle East, and is consumed by many across the rest of the world as well. Shawarma is known as guss in Iraq and gyros in Greece.

Shawarma (çevirme) has its origins in Anatolia and is essentially the same dish as döner kebab in Turkey, possibly differing from it in the type of meat and spices used.

Gyros or gyro (Greek γύρος, “turning”) is a kind of meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie; it is served in pita bread. In addition to the meat, there are also various salads and sauces inside the pita. The most common fillings are tomato, French fries, onions and tzatziki sauce. The Arabic shawarma, the Turkish döner and Mexican tacos al pastor are somewhat similar (though tortillas, used to wrap Mexican tacos, is a bread product of very different texture than the Greek pita). In some parts of Greece, gyros is called ντονέρ [don’er], from its Turkish name döner kebab (literally “turning roast”). The name gyros and souvlaki are usually used interchangeably in Athens.

Döner Kebab (as döner kebab in Turkish and often simply kebab or döner), which literally means “turning roast” is the name given to a Turkish dish made with lamb (or mutton), beef or chicken. Some have compared doner kebabs to shawarma and gyros, possibly because similar meat may be used, but they are, in fact, very different in terms of the filling, flavouring and serving. Doner kebabs are generally wrapped in tortilla-like flat bread, and shawarma is generally served in a pita or sandwich form. Gyros are always wrapped in Greek pita. The gyro always contains the same few ingredients. Döner kebabs and shawarma, though, can include various salad ingredients such as onion, tomato, cucumber or lettuce, as well as a number of creamy sauces or even hot sauce.

Döner kebab history
Temperature Changes 12kg event of doner meat:
Doner cooking:
  • The surface temperature reaches approximately 110 ° C, respectively. (1)
  • The Döner meat ready for the first cutting.
  • After cutting, the temperature is reduced to about 80 ° C. (2)
  • The surface temperature is back again around 110 ° C.
  • The Döner meat is once again ready for the next cut.
  • Constantly repeating the final cuts.
Development of a temperature roasting 12kg doner meat:

Maximum hygiene and modern technology

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