Ready to cook

The Resta Döner quick-frozen Döner (Gyros) meat, which is made of chicken, veal, beef or turkey, is soaked in special spices. Due to marination, the meat gains the genuine Döner (Gyros) taste, while cooking it has the genuine pleasant Döner (Gyros) aroma. The meat prepared this way will be packed in foil and with this quick-freezing technology, long-term storage is possible. The packaged meat is stored hygienically; the quick-freezing technology guarantees the freshness of the meat.

Recommended preparation:

Marinated, packed, frozen, ready-to-cook product. After unpacking, place the meat into the oven and warm it up at a moderate temperature. After defrosting, you can begin to roast it. For even cooking results, we recommend using a spit rotated by an electric motor.


Minimum our packaging 5kg and 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90kg of weight.

Freezing döner meat:

The ambient temperature is -22°C.
The core temperature falls to around -2°C in the first few hours.
The core temperature remains stable at around -2°C for around twelve hours.
After that, the temperature continues to fall until it reaches the ambient temperature.

Important microbiological aspect:

ALWAYS cook your döner meat all the way through after you start roasting!
Microorganisms are effectively neutralized this way.< Uncontrolled microorganism growth will negatively affect the sensory
characteristics at best, or spoil your döner meat at worst.
Preservatives keep your meat’s processing properties ideal, leading to perfect sensory characteristics in the finished döner product.

Maximum hygiene and modern technology

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