How to prepare:

The pita should be warmed in a microwave oven (1550 W) for 30-40 seconds (warming time may vary depending on the performance of the oven) then take it out and cut off a small piece as indicated on the figure. The cut results in an opening through which you can stuff the pita, like a bag, with your favourite stuffing.
The filling can consist of Döner meat or falafel, lettuce, cucumber, onion, pepper, and tomatoes, and can be flavoured to taste with a yoghurt-based garlic sauce or various spicy sauces.
For flavouring, we recommend our Döner sauces, which can be prepared quickly by simply adding water and have a long shelf life.


The pita can be kept in a refrigerator or in a deep-freezer for a long time. It is ready to eat after warming it up in a microwave oven at home as well as in restaurants.

Fresh pita:

Keeps its quality on room temperature for 3 days.

Deep-frozen pita:

Keeps its quality on -18 C for
1 year.
After defrosting no re-freeze!

Pita bread new forms, new flavors:

natúr pita


fűszeres pita


teljes kiörlésű pita

Whole grain

hagymás pita


paradicsomos pita


Rectangle Pita

Size: 15x10cm
Weight: 95g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Triangle Pita

Size: 16×15 cm
Weight: 85g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Semi circle Pita

Size: ø 15cm
Weight: 75g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Square Pita

Size: 15x15cm
Weight: 120g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Pita Bagel

Size: ø16cm, ø6cm
Weight: 90g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Pita Ramazan

Size: ø13 cm
Weight: 80g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Circle Pita

Size: ø 6cm/11cm/13cm/15cm
Weight: 20g/70g/80g/90g
Packings: 10pcs/package


Size: ø 20cm/25cm/28cm
Weight: 80g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Greek Pita

Size: ø 16cm
Weight: 90g/pcs
Packings: 10pcs/package

Hot Dog Pita

Size: 20cm x 5cm
Weight: 50g/pcs
Packings: 20pcs/package

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